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About Gregory Laka & Company

The Logo:

The corporate logo represents our belief in having proper relationships to provide total service in customer satisfaction.

As the center circle shows, it takes the client, the candidate, and Gregory Laka & Co. to have that interwoven bond to have a successful balance in an assignment.

Greg Laka Philosophy

Greg Laka Bio




Gregory Laka & Company is one of the oldest executive search firms in the country. Established in 1964, Gregory Laka & Company has provided superior executive search service for over 40 years. We have access to one of the largest databases of computer talent in the executive search industry, and this enables us to expedite the placement process for both search candidates and businesses.

Our candidate delivery rate of nearly 100% is a strong indicator of the time-honored relationships cultivated by Gregory Laka & Company, and a measure of our success in the executive search industry.

Gregory Laka & Company has six ideologies by which we live and do business...

1 Help clients secure the best talent in the most effective manner and help candidates grow further in their careers.
2 Provide customer satisfaction by making  clients happy.
3 Give employees the opportunity to turn their dreams into reality through the sales attitude business by working hard, yet having fun.
4 Have honesty, integrity and ethics in all aspects of business.
5 Live in an environment of change and self-renewal, striving for excellence, and be the most innovative in the industry.
6 Use profit and growth as a means to make all of the above values and objectives possible.
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